Final E4000

The E4000 is Final's premium model among its in-ear monitors. These headphones deliver vibrant, open, and realistic music reproduction that won't let even the smallest details pass you by. With these headphones, it seems as if the band is playing in front of you.

The Final E4000 uses a 6.4mm dynamic driver and has a rigid and resonance-damping aluminium housing with special acoustic chambers and filters. Unlike the lower models, these headphones feature MMCX connectors that allow you to quickly and easily change the included OFC headphone cable for another one.

Five pairs of silicone earplugs with a unique swing-fitting mechanism are supplied from the factory to ensure a perfect fit. Two ear hooks are also included for even more comfort. Finally, Final supplies these high quality headphones with a handy carrying case made of silicone rubber in which you can store the headphones safely. If you are looking for discreet in-ear headphones with impressive sound quality, order them quickly and easily online via the Wifimedia webshop.