FiiO X7 Mark II

FiiO X7 Mark II is the X Series flagship. This exceptionally audiophile portable music player has a new and crystal clear touch screen of almost 4 inches and runs on a proprietary Android operating system. What makes the FiiO X7 Mark II really unique - like it’s predecessor - is that it has interchangeable, separately available Amp Modules, for a perfect match to any conceivable pair of dynamic or planar-design headphones or IEM’s. The standard version comes with the AM3A Amp Module, which offers a widely applicable single ended output alongside a balanced headphone output. All High Res file formats, including DSD, are supported. Besides that the FiiO X7 Mark II offers two-way Bluetooth and WiFi, so it can also play online steaming services or internet radio stations. You can also stream from a local storage device with it’s DLNA functionality, and you can use it as an external USB-DAC for your computer. It has a 64GB internal memory, that can be expanded by inserting 2 Micro SD cards (maximum 256GB). With it’s secure Rapid Charging Technology, you can have your FiiO X7 Mark II ready for over eight hours of use in a mere 90 minutes.