FiiO X3 Mark III

The FiiO X3 Mark III was improved in many ways, just like the X1II. First of all, it got a better scroll wheel and a new housing that is lighter and 20% thinner, and feels nicer to the touch. To allow you more flexibleility in your choice of headphones, it now has a balanced headphone output. The FiiO X3 Mark III also has an improved battery and new technology to give it better stamina, and it supports all common High Res file formats including DSD. Like the X1II, The FiiO X3 Mark III has no internal memory. You simply insert a Micro SD card (maximum 256GB) to take lots of music with you. It also has two-way Bluetooth, so you can use wireless headphones. It’s sound quality has been improved significantly, and the improved 2-inch colour display allows you to keep a close eye of what’s going on. The FiiO X3 mark II can also be used as an external USB-DAC for your computer.