• Touch Wheel
  • Dual Mode Bluetooth
  • In-line Remote Control
  • Metallic Housing
  • On-board Mode
  • DAC chip
  • Adjustable volume at LO
  • Lossless formats

Comprehensive improvement of hand feel starting from the touch wheel

By studying and comparing dozers of designs and through hundreds of experiments and tests, we have finally developed the unique FiiO touch wheel with higher sensitivity, better anti-interference, enhanced reliability and longer service life.

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 allowing you to enjoy music easily

The Bluetooth 4.0 system based on F1C91 chip set allows you to easily enjoy the music with reduced latency and high sound quality.

Getting rid of the wire to achieve two functions

Two-way transmission allows it to receive Bluetooth signal while sending Bluetooth signal.

(RM1 can be used at the same time when Bluetooth headphone or Bluetooth speaker is on.)

Not limited by wire

Being not restricted during exercise, you may have a good sweat while enjoying wireless music.

On-board music accompanying you on the way

In-vehicle mode provides a perfect link between music and your vehicle audio system, which will  greatly improved the acoustic quality of your vehicle audio system and let you enjoy music on the way.

(When your vehicle engine is ignited, the X1 is turned on too. When you shut down the engine, the X1 stops immediately. There are no tedious manual operations anymore.)

* To ensure better sound quality, AUX line connection is suggested for on-board mode.

Dedicated professional high quality DAC chip

Utilizing Texas Instruments' high quality CM5242, the all new X1 gets higher signal-to-noise ratio and supports full differential line output to achieve balanced line output function, as compared with PCM5142 of the last generation.

Further optimized architecture

With dedicated LPF and operational amplifier, we have optimized the design of the power architecture and the circuit at the same time to further improve sound quality of the all new X1, making better low-frequency quality and depth.

Strong lossless format support

It supports the five common major lossless music formats: APE/FLAC/WAV/WMA/ALAC at up to 192kHz/32bit

Improved line output functions

It supports both headphone output and line output, which can be used as an audio source to your amplifier to increase your pleasure in listening to music. Line output can be easily set in system settings.

New deep-sleep standby design

Deep-sleep standby enables instant-on playback. Standing by as long as 15 days allows music to be your companion at any moment.

Improved in-line remote control function

Improved in-line remote control function can effectively adapt to most headphones available on the market, in addition to a new function of volume adjustment.

* Does not support volume control of Apple Earpods

Light and portable

Full aluminium alloy and compact design provides a better hand feel (97x55.5x12mm).

Humanized Design

Arc waist design is employed to provide better hand fitness and feel.

Choose a color you like

Available in three popular colors (Silver/Rose Gold/Black)

All-new UI themed interface

Continue to use a 2.0 inch color display with a resolution of 320*240, plus characteristic UE operating system with six built-in color themes available at your choice.

Music enjoyment for 30 thousand minutes

It supports a micro SD card up to 256GB. When calculated by 30MB for a piece of lossless music, it can accommodate approximately 8738 pieces of music. If each lasts 4 minutes you max listen for 34.952 minutes, i.e. 2098 hours or 87 days.