This FiiO UTWS1 transforms any wired MMCX or 0.78mm 2-pin in-ear headphones into True Wireless in-ear headphones. Simply detach your earbuds of its headphone cable and team them up with these clever Bluetooth modules.

These nano coated UTWS1 Bluetooth 5.0 modules are waterproof under normal conditions, so don't worry about a drop of rain or sweat when you decide to take them out for a walk or exercise. Both built-in batteries last up to 8 hours hold their charge approximately 180 hours in standby. This makes these UTWS1 modules a great choice for daily commuting to school or office.

Do you own high-quality cabled in-ear monitors that are comfortable to wear and offer a real good sound quality, but do you actually prefer the freedom of a wireless model instead? This FiiO UTWS1 might be the right solution for you. With this UTWS1 you are still enjoying your familiar sounding headphones, but you will now experience your music in total freedom without the hassle of cables.