FiiO Q5s

Flagship Bluetooth DAC & Amp

The FiiO Q5s is a high-quality headphone amplifier with an integrated Bluetooth DAC and is intended for music lovers who want to take a big step forward in sound quality compared to a smartphone. Simply connect the FiiO Q5s via Bluetooth 5.0 (and all previous Bluetooth generations) to your smartphone and listen to your favorite artist in a masterful high-res sound quality.

The FiiO Q5s is the successor to the sublime and highly acclaimed FiiO Q5 DAC headphone amplifier. The premium look and feel of both top models match. The Q5s, however, is even more complete, intuitive and features even more sophisticated components. This allows us to call the Q5s very aptly a FiiO Q5 'on steroids'.

The best even further improved

As in the FiiO Q5, the Q5s are equipped with the powerful and ultra stable XMOS XUF208 processor, which handles the decoding of the file formats as well as the re-clocking of the digital signal. This Q5s is just like the Q5 fully dual-mono built which translates into a perfect channel separation and a higher dynamic range and a better signal to noise ratio. The ADC volume control eliminates channel inequality and the fully 'audiophile' built up power supply provides a significant improvement in sound quality.

High-res DAC

This Q5s is equipped with two AK4493EQ DACs from AKM. Very popular in the high-end audio world, these digital to analog converters deliver a maximum resolution of 24bit at 96kHz via both the optical input and Bluetooth, 24bit at 192kHz via SPDIF and native DSD or 32bit at 768kHz at PCM via the USB audio input. Whatever high-res file format you want to play and what input you want to use, the FiiO does this in the highest possible quality. Would you like to send in the audio signal in analog format? No problem either. This FiiO really does it all.

Analog perfection

The analog audio circuit is built with the all-new AM3E balanced amp from FiiO. This is built with selected components so that the quality of the premium DACs is optimally utilized. The amplifier has a switchable high/low gain and a switchable bass boost. The FiiO Q5s can handle 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 4.4mm headphone jacks that allow the FiiO to be used with a wide range of headphones. The Q5s can also send the analog signal from the DAC via the stereo line output, so you can use the FiiO Q5s as a portable USB-DAC in your hi-fi set.

If you are looking for an excellent performing headphone amplifier DAC that plays DSD native and can also be used as a portable USB DAC, then this FiiO Q5s is the right candidate. Order this FiiO Q5s quickly and easily through the Wifimedia webshop, or feel free to come by and listen to it at the Wifimedia Experience center in Arnhem.