FiiO Q5

The FiiO Q5 is the absolute Flagship of the FiiO collection. This very high quality, luxuriously built high end Hi-Res USB DAC and headphone amplifier does not only support native DSD, but also offers aptX™ Bluetooth for the highest quality wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet. With it’s special buttons, you can control the basic play, pause and skip functions of your Bluetooth source right from the FiiO Q5. It’s special Apple MFi certification means that it has optimal compatibility with all Apple iDevices, but the additional inputs broaden it’s possibilities a lot. What makes the FiiO Q5 unique is that it uses interchangeable, separately available amplifier modules (just like the FiiO X7 Mark II portable music player), to provide the best possible match with every conceivable dynamic or planar headphones. The standard module included with the FiiO Q5 is the AM3A, that has a versatile 3.5 millimeter single ended output and a balanced output.