FiiO M7

High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player

The FiiO M7 is a portable high-res music player that is easy to operate and provides excellent sound quality. Listen to FM radio stations or your own favorite digital music files with this beautiful FiiO M7. Whatever you prefer, the powerful battery and energy efficient processor allow you to enjoy music endlessly on the go.

Designed specifically for premium headphones, the Fiio M7 performs significantly better than a mobile phone. The high-quality ES9018Q2C DAC from ESS has an ultra low noise level and lets you hear even the smallest nuances and details in your music. The FiiO M7 can handle lossless and high-res music files up to native DSD64 and PCM up to 24bits/192kHz.

If you're looking for a music player that gets the most out of your high-end headphones, if you want to save your smartphone's battery life or if you just want to enjoy your favorite music wherever and whenever you want, then the Fiio M7 is a music player that's worth listening to. Would you like to know more about the FiiO M7 or would you like to listen to it with your own headphones? Make an appointment with us in our shop.