FiiO M5

Ultra-portable High-Resolution Audio Player

The FiiO M5 is one of the most compact High-Res certified music players currently available. As you would expect from FiiO, this M5 has many built-in cleverness and above all delivers fantastic sound quality. The FiiO M5 can easily be operated via the scratch-resistant 1.54-inch IPS display with touchscreen and is comparable to the operation of the old familiar Apple iPod nano. However, the M5 has more functionality, a wider support of high resolution file formats and, above all, delivers significantly better sound quality.

Excellent performances

Play music from a micro-SD card, USB audio (Type-C), SPDIF or Bluetooth aptX from your phone. This music player supports PCM file formats up to a resolution of 32bit at 384kHz and native DSD to DSD128. Would you like to use the M5 as a USB-DAC to play high resolution files via your hi-fi set? Again, this small powerhouse shows an excellent sound quality.

Functional performer

In addition to a good sounding music player, the M5 also has a built-in clock function and a handy step counter function. There is even an optional wristband available (SK-M5), with which the M5 can also be worn as a 'watch'. This makes the FiiO M5 ideal for music lovers with an active or sporty style of life. By using the powerful Ingenic X1000E processor, the AK4377 DAC from AKM and the Qualcomm Bluetooth integration, the M5 delivers high performance, but is economical with energy. Listen for up to 13.5 hours with a battery charge, so you can enjoy your favorite music for almost a whole day.

Crystal clear recordings

This M5 music player has a high quality Bluetooth receiver and transmitter from Qualcomm. This allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection at the same time, both with your smartphone and with your headphones. If you receive a phone call on the go, you can easily take it via the FiiO M5. With the two built-in microphones and the built-in cVc noise cancelling technology, you can make calls in the highest possible sound quality, wherever you are at that moment. What's more, the FiiO M5 can also be used with these sensitive microphones as a high-res memory recorder or as a hi-fi sound recorder.

If you are an active music lover and you like to take your music with you wherever you go, then this M5 is a very interesting music player. Order the FiiO M5 easily online via the Wifimedia webshop and enjoy your music in a few days in perfect sound quality.