FiiO M3K

Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player

If you're looking for a long battery life High-Res music player at an affordable price, the All-New M3K would definitely stand on the top of the list. Where a smartphone is often too big to fit comfortably in a pocket, the size of the FiiO M3K is perfect. The housing is made entirely of aluminium and can withstand an unintentional impact. Operation via touch-sensitive buttons and a 'touchpad' is simple and intuitive.

Complete and functional

The FiiO supports the most common file formats up to DSD64. The FiiO has a battery life of more than 26 hours and a maximum internal storage capacity of no less than 2TB. Despite its limited size, the FiiO M3K has built in a few useful functions. To adjust the timbre to your own preference, the FiiO has a useful equalizer and how about a recording function in hi-fi quality? Listen back to your lectures, meetings or other important conversations at a quiet moment in crystal clear sound quality.

The best thing about the FiiO M3K is of course its price. If you're looking for an affordable compact music player with a long battery life and great sound quality, the FiiO M3K is a player that will make you very happy. Would you like to listen to it first? That's possible. Feel free to make an appointment and we will welcome you in our Wifimedia Experience Center.