The FiiO LR-RCA1 is a high-quality digital interconnect with which you send a coaxial digital S/PDIF signal from a digital source such as a Hi-Fi streamer, PC sound card or CD drive to an external DAC or a set of active speakers. This interlink has a length of 50 centimetres, an impedance of 75 Ohm, is equipped with high-quality RCA connectors and is also optimally shielded so that it delivers the best possible performance under all conditions.

The cable is constructed with a supple core of thin Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors so that the cable can be effortlessly guided from point A to point B. The core has special insulation with an ultra-low capacitance dielectric, so the digital signal is not affected and jitter is avoided. To prevent interference with the digital signal, the cabling is double shielded with aluminium foil and a woven copper shield.