Do you own a Hi-Res music player or a premium headphone amplifier and you want to achieve the best possible sound quality from with your MMCX headphones, then this FiiO headphone cable makes perfect sense. Simply swap the OEM headphone cable with this exclusive FiiO LC-RE MMCX or 0,78mm 2-pin cable and enjoy music in a second-to-none sound quality.

Tri-Metallic construction

This FiiO LC-RE headphone cable is not just any cable. This cable consists of two pairs of wires, each using three conductors of a different material. The first conductor is made of 20 wires of high-quality Furukawa mono-crystalline copper, the second contains 20 wires of 24-carat gold plated mono-crystalline copper and the third consists of 20 wires of the purest silver. With this carefully selected mix of materials you’ll experience a wide, open and well-defined soundstage with a beautiful bass.

For every type of connection

This Fiio LC-RE headphone cable comes with a balanced 2.5mm, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm Pentaconn adapter. These adapters can easily be exchanged so you can use your headphones with the best sounding headphone output of your headphone amplifier or Hi-Res music player.