Transform any in-ear headset with MMCX or 0.78mm 2-pin connectors into wireless headphones with this FiiO LC-BT2 Bluetooth neck band. Just replace the headphone cable of your earbuds with the FiiO neckband and enjoy your favorite playlists in total silence.

This FiiO LC-BT2 Bluetooth 5.0 neck band has a skin-friendly coating and is sweat resistant, so don't worry if you decide to extend your workout for a few extra miles. This neck strap has a built-in battery with a battery life of 24 hours and has a standby time of 350 hours. With the built-in remote you can control the music player of your smartphone or take a phone call with just a simple push of a button. This makes this lightweight FiiO LC-BT2 excellent for exercising and daily commuting to school or office.

Do you already have good quality in-ear headphones with a comfortable wear and a perfect sound quality, but are you actually looking for a wireless model? This FiiO neckband for in-ear monitors offers you the perfect solution. With this FiiO LC-BT2 you can still listen to music in the best possible sound quality, but in total freedom without the hassle of cables.