FiiO LC-B Series

High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver-Plated Copper Earphone Cables

The core of these three earphone cable upgrades consists of high-purity mono-crystalline (Single Crystal) silver-plated copper (OCC). These strands are joined together with extremely strong kevlar fibers in order to ensure your audio signals are transmitted with the utmost fidelity while maintaining maximum durability. The left and right channel cables are put side-by-side in a double-stranded design, which allows for the two channels' signal to be independently carried for greater channel separation. All of this in a eye-catching semi-transparent cable sheath made of environmentally-friendly TPU.

The MMCX connectors are made totally transparent (even at the blue and red markings that indicate the left and right channels) to maintain a sense of a cohesive whole throughout the entire cable as well as to let you glance into the inner workings of the connector.