The FiiO LA UA1 is a USB filter specially designed for use while on the go. This clever noise filter comes in the form of a cable adapter and can easily be incorporated into the USB power supply. The filter is equipped with a durable housing made of a light but strong alloy of magnesium and aluminum for a long life span.

Silence annoying noise

Whatever transport you travel with, the available USB connections in modern means of transport are not free of pollution. This pollution is caused by the many CPUs, valves, generators and electric consumers in the system. The pollution is usually not noticed, but when using a high quality audio component such as the FiiO M/X series players, BTR series Bluetooth amps or Q series DAC/amps, this contamination can become audible.

Overload protection

The FiiO LA UA1 filters the 5V DC voltage supplied by the USB port and can handle up to 3 watts of power. This current filter also features a most convenient overload protection if the maximum power of the USB port is exceeded.