FiiO K5

The FiiO K5 is a high-quality Hi-Res USB DAC and headphone amplifyier that has been developed for desktop use. Besides it’s USB inout and 6.3 millimeter stereo headphone output the FiiO K5 has an extra analog RCA input and output, and a balanced output using mini-jack connectors. But what makes the FiiO K5 really special is the the flip-up docking station on top, where - among others - you can connect all players from the FiiO X-Series. Not only as a music source, but also to charge them (also during playback). Because of it’s high gain, that is switchable in three steps, the FiiO K5 can easily drive power hungry high-end headphones. The FiiO K1 is designed to work without installing drivers to your computer. Just set your computer to use it as it’s external USB sound card once, after that it is plug-and-play.