FiiO K5 Pro ESS

The FiiO K5 Pro ESS is a Hi-Res specified headphone amplifier-DAC where FiiO has spared no expense to develop a high-grade audio component which it outclasses all rivals in this price range.

The K5 Pro ESS features a premium ES9038Q2M DAC stage by ESS and is equipped with an optical Toslink input, a coaxial S/PDIF input and a USB audio input. The maximum highres resolution is 32bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD up to DSD512. So no matter what type of audio source you connect to the K5 Pro, the DAC can handle virtually all resolutions and plays back the streams in a brilliant sound quality.

Ease of use

The volume control is fully analog, but is controlled digitally which provides 100% channel equality. This is especially important when using sensitive headphones. To support the widest possible range of headphones, the K5 Pro is equipped with a 3-way adjustable gain. Switch it to 'low' when using sensitive in-ear monitors and choose 'high' when using open-back over-ear headphones. Thanks to its low-noise 1500 mW power supply, this K5 Pro can even handle most Planar headphones.

For Hi-Fi and Head-Fi

The FiiO K5 Pro ESS is equipped with a stereo RCA line input. Want to hook-up a record player? This can be done is just a few seconds. The internal circuitry is built dual-mono for the best possible channel separation and the lowest possible distortion. In addition to the 6.3mm headphone output, the K5 Pro is also equipped with analog RCA line outputs. This allows the headphone amplifier-DAC to be used as a compact preamplifier to drive, for example, a set of active loudspeakers.