FiiO K1

The FiiO K1 is a very compact and affordable upgrade when you want better sound quality from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Don’t be fooled by it’s diminutive size and it’s modest price, the FiiO K1 is a seriously good Hi-Res USB DAC/Headphone amplifier. It gets it’s power from the USB bus on your computer, but it also works on your smartphone or tablet (you need to buy an additional connector). FiiO K1 has no battery, and because of that it is super lightweight. Attach it to your belt using the provided plastic clip and you’ll never notice it’s there. The FiiO K1 is designed to work without installing drivers to your computer. Just set your computer to use it as it’s external USB sound card once, and start playing music! After you have changed the settings, your computer will ‘remember’ the FiiO K1 and switch to it automatically the next time you use it. This is as plug-and-play as good sound will get.