FiiO HB2

Securely store your valuable in-ear monitors including its headphone cabling in this premium FiiO HB2 protective casing. Despite the stiff protective EVA shells this soft Bejirog leather casing lies comfortably in your hand. The inside of the HB2 casing is also soft and velvet lined. Not only does this casing feel exclusive, it protects your in-ear monitors even better against damaging while safely stored and on-the-go.

The inside also features an extra compartment in which you can keep extra tips or a cleaning tool neatly separated from the headphones and cabling. Thanks to the 100% airtight zipper, the contents are protected from weather effects and, furthermore, allows you to take the ears out quick and easy. With the attached clip you may securely attach the casing to a belt loop or keycord to prevent accidental loss while on the road.