FiiO FH9

The FiiO FH9 is the latest addition to the well-performing hybrid in-ear monitor model range. These top-of-the-range FH9 in-ear headphones are equipped with a stunning 6 Knowles BA drivers per channel and feature a dynamic driver with a 13.5mm 2nd generation DLC diaphragm with which these earphones provide a detailed, open and undistorted sound with a powerful bass from just 10Hz. Thanks to the use of the unique driver configuration and the many in-ear technologies developed by FiiO you can experience your music collection with an intensity like never before.

Semi-open design with sound tubes

Like the former FiiO FH7 flagship model, this FH9 also features the renewed turbine-shaped sound tube for a superior bass and sound tubes that are specially constructed to tune the frequency range for each BA-driver. FiiO calls this S.TURBO acoustic technology and with it the FH9 delivers a neutral yet dynamic sound balance.

For a most coherent frequency response and a precisely controlled bass, the manufacturer constructed the earpieces entirely of rigid and ultra-light titanium. The casing has a semi-open construction and features special channels to remove pressure behind the membrane and on the eardrums, thus improving listening comfort even further.

The best sound for all ears


Like the FiiO FH7, this top model comes with three interchangeable filters. The filters each deliver a different sound balance. Red provides a more powerful bass, black provides a neutral sound and the green filters pushes the details in the treble area a notch up. Fit and sound quality go hand in hand with in-ear monitors. FiiO therefore provides a wide collection with tips of different material and size to ensure that the FH9 always perfectly fits in the ear.

The FiiO FH9 is shipped with a premium-grade headphone cable with eight braided High-Purity Silver conductors. This cable comes with interchangeable 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 4.4mm headphone plugs. FiiO has fitted the cables with slightly curved MMCX connectors for optimal wearing comfort and thanks to these connectors, this example can be exchanged with another type of cable or true wireless module in just a few seconds. The convenient carrying case allows you to safely store the headphones and all their accessories after use.