FiiO FH7

5-Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

The FH7 is the new in-ear top model from FiiO. With these hybrid 4-way in-ear monitors, you can enjoy your favorite music to the fullest. Use this FiiO FH7 with a High-Res music player from FiiO for an unparalleled music experience or combine these headphones with your smartphone and marvel at the detail in the music like you've never experienced before.

Despite its compact design, FiiO has managed to integrate four custom Knowles Balanced Armature drivers and a 13.6mm Dynamic Driver from the ultra-light Beryllium material into the FH7. With this hybrid construction, these in-ear headphones provide a detailed, open and undistorted music reproduction with a powerful, almost explosive bass reproduction from 5 hertz. The premium SWFK-31736 BA drivers used by FiiO deliver sound waves well above human hearing and have a maximum frequency range of 40kHz.

Turbine-shaped soundtubes

Unique to this FiiO FH7 is the use of a completely new turbine-shaped soundtube for low-level reproduction and the two soundtubes specially designed for the frequency range of the BA drivers. FiiO calls this S.TURBO V2.0 technology and this provides the FH7 a very neutral sound balance with a very robust bass reproduction. For a balanced bass reproduction, the manufacturer has included channels in the housing which remove any unwanted pressure on the eardrums, thus further increasing listening comfort.

Avant-garde styling

The custom avant-garde style housing of the FH7 is for added rigidity, durability and optimum sound quality manufactured from an aluminum-magnesium alloy originating from the aerospace industry. The FiiO FH7 comes with a single-ended cable featuring four braided silver-plated pairs of wires with a transparent outer jacket. Rather use other cabling? FiiO has equipped the headphones with MMCX connectors so that the supplied cable can be changed in an instant.

Maximum comfort

For optimal comfort and sound quality, the FiiO FH7 comes with both three interchangeable sound filters and a collection of different tips for optimal fit and wearing comfort. The filters each provide their own sound balance. Red delivers a powerful low, black delivers a neutral sound balance and the green filters deliver more detail in the high.

The FiiO FH7 is a complete set of headphones that can be adjusted to your music taste and wearing comfort. Curious about the sound quality? Make an appointment with the headphones specialists at Wifimedia or order the FiiO FH7 headphones quickly and easily through our webshop.