FiiO FH5

Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

Knowles balanced armature driver is a key material of FiiO’s most popular IEMs F9 PRO and FH1. For the FH5, FiiO continues the hybrid driver design that combines the best of balanced armature and dynamic drivers for an absolutely addicting sound. But this time, FiiO put four drivers per ear with three Knowles balanced armature drivers (ED30262 + TWFK-31082) and a 10mm polymer nanocomposite dynamic driver.

The FiiO FH5 are High-Res Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors that allow you to enjoy music in outstanding sound quality. With this FiiO FH5 you will experience an even more intense music experience than with the included earplugs with your iPhone or Android phone.

FiiO applies a 10mm polymer nanocomposite ferromagnetic dynamic driver for powerful and undistorted layer reproduction. For midrange and treble, the manufacturer uses Balanced Armature drivers from Knowles. These BA drivers operate at a maximum frequency of 40 kHz far above human hearing and are also used in FiiO's top-of-the-range in-ear monitors. The result is an extremely musical and lively music reproduction with an overwhelming lagoon reproduction from 15Hz.

Unique to this FiiO FH5 is the use of a turbine-shaped soundtube for low-level reproduction and the two soundtubes specially designed for the frequency range of the BA drivers. FiiO calls this S.TURBO technology and has been inspired by the automotive industry. With this, the FH5 delivers a very neutral sound balance with a palpable bass response.


The patented TRISHELL housing of the FH5 is made of an aluminium-magnesium alloy for extra rigidity, durability and optimum sound quality. The FiiO FH5 comes with a single-ended cable with silver-plated wire pairs and a transparent sheath. This gives the headphones a very exclusive look. FiiO has equipped the headphones with MMCX connectors, so that the supplied cable can be changed to an optional (balanced) one in no time.


For optimal comfort and bass reproduction, the Fiio FH5 comes with a collection of different tips. These are made of three different materials, one of which provides more bass, the other more powerful in the tuning area and the third more neutral. Of each type, Fiio delivers tips with three different diameters for an optimal fit. Finally, FiiO provides three medium sized foam tips.

For safe and waterproof storage of the headphones, Fiio comes with a handy travel bag. The Fiio FH5 is a complete set of headphones that can be fully adjusted to your music taste and wearing comfort. Curious about the sound quality? Don't hesitate to make an appointment to listen to these FiiO FH5 in-ear monitors with us.

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