FiiO FH1s

The FiiO FH1s is an ergonomically designed 2-way in-ear monitor with an excellent sound quality. Despite the model name suggests otherwise, the FH1s is a completely new developed model. However, FiiO has taken the much-praised features of the FH1 as a starting point. The performance of these FH1s is impressive. With these FiiO FH1s you will experience an even more intense music experience teamed-up with your smartphone.

FiiO FH1 versus FH1s

Just like its FH1 predecessor, FiiO applied a Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature driver for midrange and treble. The FH1s stands-out with the larger 13.6mm dynamic driver and so-called 'Balanced Pressure Relief Technology'. This removes excess sound pressure through small channels in the earpieces to eliminate listening fatigue while listening for hours on end. The impedance of the FH1s is 26 Ohm, the sensitivity 106dB and a frequency range starts as low as 5Hz and rises up-to 40kHz. This makes the FH1s just as easy to drive with a typical smartphone, but you will experience a more lively and dynamic sound quality.

Now more comfort

These FiiO FH1s IEM's come with a high-quality headphone cable only. Do you prefer a wireless model, then you make the FH1s completely wireless with the optional UTWS1 (0.78mm 2-pin) true Wireless Bluetooth module. Experience the same sound quality as you are used to, but with an ultimate ‘true wireless’ comfort. For an optimal fit and comfort, FiiO offers six different ear tips with three different sizes. Finally, FiiO comes with a handy storage pouch in which the ear tips can be safely stored when not in use.