FiiO FD1

The FiiO FD1 are ergonomically shaped Hi-Res Audio Certified in-ear headphones. These dynamic in-ear monitors deliver a perfect sound quality. In these DF1 in-ear headphones FiiO uses 10mm Beryllium-plated Dynamic drivers. These thin, light and very stiff drivers deliver a brilliant and most dynamic sound. FiiO also fitted these in-ear monitors with its so-called 'Balanced Pressure Relief Technology'. This removes the excess sound pressure through thin channels in the earpieces. This prevents listening fatigue. The impedance of the FD1 is 32 Ohm and the sensitivity is 109dB. This makes this FD1 most easy to drive with your smartphone.

Wearing comfort

The FiiO FD1 comes with a 4-core headphone cable featuring High-Purity Monocrystalline copper conductors. If you prefer a wireless model, you can make this FD1 completely wireless with the optional UTWS1 (0.78mm 2-pin) True Wireless Bluetooth module. This dongle allows you to listen wirelessly in the sound quality that you are used to, but with an ultimate wireless comfort. For an optimal fit and comfort, FiiO comes with two memory foam tips and two sets (balanced and bass) ear tips in sizes S, M and L. Finally, this FiiO comes with a handy storage box in which the earplugs can be safely stored when not in use.