The FiiO FA7S are high-end in-ear headphones fitted with no less than six Balanced Armature drivers. The design of these earbuds is stylish and minimalistic. The FA7S is aimed at the demanding music enthusiasts who expects to experience music in the best possible sound quality and a premium wearing comfort. The earbuds of these Hi-Res Certified in-ear monitors are machined with CNC precision out of 316L medical grade stainless steel and are PVD electroplated, to prevent irritation to those who are sensitive for skin contact with metals.

Great sound quality

Thanks to the "2+2+2" 3-way filter system, the various frequency ranges are even better defined. Each area is equipped with its own sound box and sound tubes with which the areas will not influence each other. The BA drivers for the bass and treble are provided by Knowles and produce a powerful, well-controlled bottom-end. Thanks to the top-end extension, details are reproduced clean and undistorted. The BA midrange driver is custom-made and delivers a delicate midrange with great definition. The result is an exceptionally open and most realistic sound.

Premium quality

Thanks to the 8-wire high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cabling, you can determine even the smallest details in music. This MMCX cable features a comfortable over the ear design so the earbuds will not drop out of your ears while walking or exercising. For the best possible wearing comfort a wide selection of tips made of different materials are included in sizes small, medium and large. Also included are 3.5mm single ended and both a balanced 2.5mm and a 4.4mm Pentaconn cable adapter plugs for maximum compatibility with different sound sources. To safely store the in-ears including its accessories, FiiO provides a most convenient storage box.