FiiO FA7

Quad Driver Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors

The FiiO FA7 is a High-Res Audio Certified in-ear headphone with audiophile sound quality and high wearing comfort. Get the most out of an iOS or Android smartphone with this revolutionary FiiO FA7 in-ear monitors or experience music in even better sound quality in combination with a high end music player from FiiO.

The ultimate in wearing comfort is made possible by the 'over-the-ear' design, the application of 3D precision printing technology and the use of 'skin-friendly' material for the manufacture of the housing. This transparent material from Germany is EU IIA certified and has been developed for medical applications. FiiO uses four Balanced Armature drivers for powerful and undistorted bass reproduction, a clear and transparent center and sparkling details in the high. These high-quality BA drivers from Knowles have a frequency range that extends far beyond human hearing. The result is an extremely musical and vibrant music reproduction with a wonderful bass reproduction from 20Hz.


The FiiO FA7 is available in various distinctive designs and colours. The ears come with a single-ended cable with a 3.5mm jack and a crystal-clear transparent sheath so that the silver wire pairs remain optically visible. This gives the headphones an exclusive look. FiiO has provided the headphones with MMCX connectors, so that the supplied cable can be exchanged for an optional (balanced) one in no time.


For optimal comfort and bass reproduction, this FiiO comes with several tips. These are made of three different materials, one of which provides more bass, the other more powerful in the vocal area range and the third provides a neutral sound. Of each type, FiiO supplies tips of different sizes for an optimal fit. For safe storage of the headphones, FiiO also comes with a handy carrying case. Curious about the sound quality, please make an appointment with our shop to listen.