FiiO EM5

Meet the all new FiiO EM5 headphones. The FiiO EM5 earbuds are fitted with a new Beryllium coated dynamic FiiO driver. Thanks to the Beryllium coated diaphragm of the 14.2mm dynamic long stroke driver and Sterling silver headphone cabling you will experience a tight, detailed and undistorted music reproduction from 10 Hertz up to 20kHz. This FiiO EM5 produces a bass thar has rarely been achieved before in earbuds.

Revolution through 3D printing

Thanks to 3D printing technology, the audio industry is able to realize the most advanced designs with the highest precision. The casing of the FiiO EM5 is manufactured entirely with the 4th generation 3D printing technology from skin-friendly material (EU IIA medical grade certified resin). With this FiiO is able to translate the design concepts from the drawing-board into a final result with perfection.

Unique features

The transparent earplugs allow you to see the drivers inside and feature an extra external tube that is part of the specially designed bass tube of the EM5. These tubes provide a perfectly balanced bass boost, so you can experience your music with even more involvement. For extra ease of use FiiO has provided the earbuds with tactile dots so you don't have to search for the tiny, hard to notice optical marks for left and right. For the visually impaired these EM5's are the earbuds they had been waiting for all those years.

Quality on every level

To make the best use of a high quality headphone and high quality cabling, the EM5 is included with multiple connectors to allows you to get the most out of the music player and headphones. The FiiO EM5 comes with a single ended 3.5mm mini-jack, a 2.5mm balanced mini-jack and a 4.4mm Pentaconn jack so you can drive these headphones with all available music players in the best possible way. To tweak the sound of these earbuds to your own taste, this in-ear comes with three different tips. Thanks to the included HB3 leather case you can store the headphones safely after use.