Turn any wired headphone into a wireless headphone with this FiiO BTR3K. This wireless Bluetooth receiver with a built-in DAC and headphone amplifier is the successor of the popular FiiO BTR3K and shares most of its features. The FiiO BTR3K has a built-in remote control and an HD microphone so you can easily clip it to your jacket to control your smartphone or to make a phone call. That way the phone itself can stay safely in your bag or pocket.

Upgraded sound quality

The BTR3K features Bluetooth 5.0 with lossless LDAC/aptX HD codec support for the best possible Bluetooth sound quality. Compared to the BTR3 this BTR3K is designed for use with both balanced and single-ended headphones. FiiO added a new AK4377A DAC, premium clock circuit with a dual crystal oscillator designed for the premium BTR5 and 50% more powerful amplifier circuits, this BTR3K delivers an even better sound experience than its predecessor.

Ultimate ease of use

This FiiO BTR3K is not just the perfect solution for all owners of a smartphone without a headphone jack, but it also increases freedom of movement compared to wired headphones. This makes the FiiO BTR3K ideal for athletes and active outdoor people. The battery life holds-up to 11 hours and can be fully recharged with the included USB-C cable in just 1,5 hours. With this FiiO BTR3K you can enjoy your favorite playlists in a perfect sound quality and in total freedom.