FiiO BTA30 Bluetooth Transceiver

With this super chill BTA30 Bluetooth Transceiver from FiiO you wirelessly send music information to a Hi-Fi set or a set of active speakers without a Bluetooth interface by using the RCA stereo line output or the coaxial and/or optical SPDIF output. Through the coaxial SPDIF input, optical input or USB-audio input you can easily connect a digital music source such as an audio streamer or television to the receiver.

This BTA30 Bluetooth Transceiver also works as a Bluetooth transmitter by the flip of a switch on the front panel. Connect the headphone output of your television, or your streaming audio source digitally to the BTA30 and send the audio signal wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.0 to a wireless headphone. If you prefer to use the BTA30 as a DAC with preamplifier functionality, this is also possible. Switch the BTA30 to DAC mode and use the AKM's high quality built-in DSD-DAC in all of its glory.