FiiO A3

The FiiO A3 is the successor to the FiiO E11k. Technically it is identical, so the good sound quality at a very reasonable price has been continued. When you hook up the FiiO A3 to your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy better sound quality and you can also use better headphones. The FiiO A3 has no trouble driving the more complex load of certain high end headphones because of it’s selectable gain. It’s light but sturdy aluminum housing and it’s large volume control make it very easy to carry with you. It’s internal Lithium-Polymer battery gives you 16 hours of musical enjoyment, but you can also use the FiiO A3 when it is charging. The hardware-based bass boost equaliser adds more weight to the bass without muddying the rest of the frequency spectrum. Choose your own music, and don’t settle for the standard sound quality of your laptop, smartphone or tablet.