FiiO A1

FiiO A1 is the smallest and least expensive headphone amplifier by this brand. But don’t be fooled by it’s small size and low price. The FiiO A1 is a serious headphone amplifier that sounds better than all laptops, smartphones and tablets (or older portable music players) through their own internal amplifier. FiiO A1’s sturdy and beautifully rounded housing measures only 40 by 40 by 10 millimeters and is built out of durable but light aluminum. It has an on-board Lithium-Polymer battery that gives you 13 hours of musical enjoyment. The hardware-based bass boost equaliser has three setting to add the right foundation to any kind of music. An removable plastic clip let’s you attach the FiiO A1 to your belt. Your choice in music is not standard, so do not settle for standard sound quality of your laptop, smartphone or tablet either.