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Focal Elegia

Closed circum-aural high-fidelity headphones

Elegia is an audiophile circum-aural closed-back pair of headphones from Focal. The ergonomic design makes them incredibly comfortable and offers excellent sound isolation, making these headphones the ideal solution for long listening sessions. Continuing its headphone development programme, the Focal R&D team has introduced several new innovations, all with incredible audio performance in mind. The full-range 'M'-shape aluminium/magnesium dome speaker driver provides a very high frequency response, which is the basis for Elegia’s supremely dynamic sound. In addition, the frameless voice coil, which is lightweight yet incredibly stiff, reproduces the minutest details that adds to the convincing all-round performance. With its incredible tonal balance combined with long-term comfort, the Elegia is a key reference in the high-end closed-back headphones sector.

Key points

  • High-end closed-back design for home use and on-the-go
  • Exclusive full-range speaker-driver with an 'M'-shape aluminium/magnesium dome (patent pending)
  • Incredible tonal balance, which is able to reproduce the subtlest sound details at both very high and very low frequencies
  • Excellent performance when connected to a portable audiophile player.
  • Very good ambient noise soundproofing
  • Comfortable and ergonomic

Awards & Reviews

EISA Award Beste Headphone 2019-2020

The Elegia is Focal’s first audiophile circumaural closed-back headphone, and brings a wide range of Focal’s own technologies together to create a model with a powerful yet precise sound. These include the company’s M-profile driver for a wider radiating surface, a frameless copper voice-coil and ultra-fine surround to keep the driver firmly under control. The easy-to-drive Elegia delivers a wide frequency range from deep bass to the subtlest ambient nuance, helped by the noise-excluding properties of that closed-back design. It’s a great listen, and comfortable to wear, whether at home or on the move.