Meet the compact ELAC DS-A101 integrated amplifier. This powerful Discovery Series amplifier offers all features to please the most demanding music enthusiasts. Furthermore, this versatile stereo amplifier is equipped with Dolby Digital decoding. Simply connect your television and enjoy your movies or favorite television series in a pristine sound quality. This makes this ELAC truly the musical heart of your entertainment system.

BASH Digital Fidelity Tracking Amplifier

ELAC implemented its energy-efficient BASH amplification technology that the manufacturer also successfully applied in its active loudspeaker lines over the past years. With BASH technology, the power supply efficiently provides power based on the power amplifiers demand. This so-called Tracking Amplifier delivers a stable output power of 40 watts at 8 Ohm and 80 watts at 4 Ohms per channel. This ELAC A-101 amplifier delivers more than enough power to effortlessly drive virtually any speaker. The DS-A101 also offers connections for a power amplifier and active subwoofer. Enjoy movies, series and music to the fullest.


The ELAC DS-A101 is equipped with two analog line inputs and both an optical and coaxial digital input. This offers plenty of inputs to connect all your audio sources. The internal DAC offers a maximum highres resolution of 24bits and 192kHz. Quickly select the input and adjust the volume on the amplifier itself. With the ELAC Discovery app, you can effortlessly operate this amplifier using your smartphone. The app allows you to adjust the more specialized settings and allows the amplifier to calibrate itself with its sophisticated room EQ.

Easy to use

For this purpose ELAC has built in its Auto Blend & Calibrate (ABC) technology. This ELAC A-101 is Roon ready and with the Discovery app you can easily stream music using Spotify Connect. Do you rather prefer to use a different streaming service? Easily stream music wirelessly with Airplay, Bluetooth, DLNA or Wi-Fi from your smartphone app of choice. With this ELAC DS-A101 you will not just enjoy the excellent sound quality, but also the versatility and unparalleled ease of use.

Room EQ

ELAC's proprietary ABC room correction and DSP conveniently uses the smartphones microphone of the smartphone on which the ELAC Discovery app is installed. The result is perfect music reproduction with a flat frequency response and tight, well-controlled bass. This amplifier offers you really everything you need to enjoy a superior music experience in a perfect sound quality. This is most exceptional, especially in this price range.