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Edifier T5

With the Edifier T5 subwoofer you add a powerful and deep bass to music albums and movies. Easily add this active T5 subwoofer to a set of Edifier monitor speakers and create a dynamic 2.1 sound system with a bass that starts as from 38Hz. In addition to Edifier loudspeakers, you can also use this subwoofer with any amplifier fitted with a pre-out or subwoofer output. With this Edifier T5 subwoofer you will experience audio and video more intense than ever.


Connecting this subwoofer is child's play. Simply connect the T5 to your amplifier with an RCA or subwoofer cable and adjust the crossover frequency to match the lower frequency range of the (monitor) loudspeakers. The subwoofer is fitted with a gain control to adjust the amount of bass to your personal taste. The subwoofer also comes with a 180-degree phase correction switch for the best possible sound quality. When no signal is offered, the subwoofer switches to standby and automatically wakes up when an audio signal is detected.