Edifier S1000MKII

These Edifier S1000MKII active 2-way bass reflex loudspeakers are beautifully shaped, have a high-quality finish and offer an excellent sound quality. These compact monitor speakers are designed to be easily placed on a desk, sideboard or tv-cabinet. The slightly angled cabinet design provides a perfect sound dispersion to experience the best possible sound quality.

The S1000MKII speakers feature a 5.5-inch woofer with aluminum cone material and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. The drivers are powered by an energy-efficient Class D amplifier including DSP. The amplifier provides 120 watts of output power and covers a broad frequency range starting from 45Hz all the way up to 40kHz.

Analog, digital and Bluetooth

Easily connect your analog sources to the stereo line inputs. Digital sources such as a network player, game console or television set can be connected to the optical or coaxial input and stream all your music wirelessly through Bluetooth 5.0 aptX without any delay or loss of quality from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The speakers are provided with a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume and to select the desired input. The maximum volume can be controlled on the back of the speaker. The manufacturer fitted a tone control to tune the timbre to your own taste. Whatever your taste, these Hi-Res certified bookshelf speakers allow you to experience a dynamic and transparent music reproduction with a high level of detail.