Edifier AirPulse A80

The Edifier AirPulse A80 is a compact active 2-way bass reflex loudspeaker designed by award-winning speaker designer Phil Jones. This AirPulse A80 is the entry-level model in the Premium AirPulse line and is great for use as a set of good sounding monitor speakers with your laptop or computer. Easily hook these speakers up to your television set instead of a typical poor sounding soundbar. These Edifier AirPulse speakers produce such a great sound that you can even use them as an ultra-compact (mostly) wireless sound system.

Top drivers

Edifier applied a compact 4.5-inch midbass woofer with a feather-light aluminum cone and a powerful Neodymium magnet. Because of the stiffness of the cone, this woofer delivers a fast, well-controlled and uncolored bass as from 52Hz. The bass is well-defined and perfectly controlled. To find these qualities, especially in this price range, is exceptionally hard to find. The ultra-fast ribbon horn tweeter ranges up to 40kHz and reveals even the slightest background details. Due to its design, the horn drivers disperse the soundwave precisely bundled to the listeners position. This prevents undesired room reflections allowing a most spacious playback with excellent imaging qualities.

Analogue, digital and wireless

The AirPulse A80 is equipped with a Bluetooth interface so you can wirelessly stream your music to the speakers. The speaker is fitted with two analogue line inputs, a digital Toslink input and a USB port that can handle resolutions up to 24 bit and 192kHz. Finally, these speakers have a subwoofer output for a deeper and more powerful bass. Volume control and Bluetooth streaming functionality can easily be controlled with the factory included Remote. The master volume and tone control can be adjusted on the speaker itself.

Internal equipment

This active AirPulse loudspeaker is equipped with both two energy-efficient Class D amplifiers and an equally efficient power supply. The amplifiers provide an output power of 2x 10 watts for the mid-highs and 2x 40 watts for the low frequencies. The internal speaker wires are supplied by the American cable manufacturer Transparent. While designing these AirPulse A80 speakers, Edifier missed no opportunity to achieve the best possible sound quality.