Edifier AirPulse A300 Pro

The Edifier AirPulse A300 Pro is an active, Hi-Res certified 2-way bass-reflex monitor loudspeaker that offers a real good sound quality. The speakers feature a 6.5-inch aluminum cone bass driver and a planar silk diaphragm horn tweeter. The frequency span is wide and ranges from 40Hz to 40kHz. The drivers are powered by four built-in Class D amplifiers. The tweeters are each driven by 10-watts of power. The woofers are each fed by two powerful 120 Watts RMS amplifiers.

Wireless and digital

Connect your digital sources directly to the optical, coaxial or USB audio input with which the A300 Pro supports resolutions up to 24bit and 192kHz in PCM. The A300 Pro can also stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth. So simply listen to your favourite playlists from your streaming app of choice with your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Both speakers are interconnected through a KLEERNET wireless connection, so don’t worry about cables.

For at home and in the studio

If you prefer to connect both active speakers analogue and in a conventional manner, simply use the RCA or XLR connection on each speaker. This is ideal for use in a (home) studio environment. The Gain (the master volume) can be easily adjusted on the rear panel. The manufacturer has also placed a convenient tone control on the back-panel that allows you to fine-tune the timbre of the loudspeakers or to adjust the tone to your personal taste.

With the factory supplied remote control, you control all basic functions such as the volume and digital input selection easily from the listening position. With this Edifier A300 Pro you will enjoy your favorite music in a super relaxed way and above all, in a studio-grade sound quality.