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EarMen TR-Amp

The EarMen TR-Amp is a battery-operated DAC/headphone amplifier that can drive virtually any headphone. This headphone amplifier is designed by the same team that developed the audiophile headphone amplifiers by its sister company, Auris Audio. While designing this TR-Amp, the R&D team had a clear goal. This portable headphone amplifier should be able to play all contemporary file formats and all resolutions in the best possible sound quality.

Premium build

This DAC/headphone amplifier is built with high-grade components including a beautiful ESS9038Q2M Sabre 32 Reference DAC. This DAC can handle resolutions up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM, DoP DSD256, Native DSD128 and it also plays MQA files. Furthermore, the TR-Amp is equipped with the ESS HyperStream© II QUAD DACTM architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. Because of the extremely low noise and distortion figures, these headphones allow you to hear every detail in the music, no matter how subtly they hide in the background.

For use at home and on the go

The TR-Amp has a USB-C port for data transfer and a second USB-C port for charging. Besides being a exceptionally good DAC/headphone amplifier, this TR-Amp is also very suitable to use as a battery powered DAC / preamplifier with a set of active loudspeakers or in a Hi-Fi set. When used mainly on-the-go, this headphone amplifier can play up to 10 hours on a single charge in an astonishing sound quality.