Dynaudio Stand 6

Price per pair (2 pieces)

Boost the sound-quality of your compact high-end speakers with these Dynaudio Stand 6 speaker stands. These stands have a beautiful wing-shaped aluminum column and are designed for use with any type of bookshelf speakers. With these Stand 6 loudspeaker stands the sound quality of your loudspeakers will improve significantly.

These stands have a dampening sandwich construction and decoupling spikes to both the speakers and to the floor. This allow the vibrations and resonances to be dampened maximally and the sound-quality of your favorite music remains undistorted. If desired, the columns can be filled with damping material to further improve its damping properties. The loudspeaker cables, including plugs, can be neatly routed through the vertical column to establish a clean look.

For use with the Dynaudio Confidence C1 and Contour S 1.4 loudspeaker models, Stand 6 top adapter plates are available for the best possible speaker placement. The Dynaudio Stand 6 is available in Satin Black.