Dynaudio Special Forty

Price per piece

For the introduction of the Special Forty in 2017, Dynaudio's designers have studied all the Dynaudio techniques developed over forty years with the latest knowledge and experience. This was the start of the development of a new generation tweeters, woofers and crossovers. These have, amongst others, been used in the first generation of Special Forty loudspeakers and with these this 40-year anniversary model turned out to be so successful that it has become an absolute classic in just 3 years.

New colours

New for this 2020 model of the Special Forty are the colours schemes Ebony Wave and Black Vine. Just like the previous series, this model has special handmade veneer finishes. Ebony Wave has a grey-brown birch veneer with a striking wavy wood texture. This makes it a worthy successor to the earlier Grey Birch version. The Black Vine colour has a beautiful contrast between deep red veneer that has an almost black appearance with bright ruby red strokes. The loudspeakers are finished on a high-gloss transparent lacquer, providing the same high-quality finish as exclusive designer furniture.

Familiar technology

For the 2020-model Special Forty, Dynaudio didn’t implement technical changes in both the 28mm Esostar tweeter and 17cm Esostar woofer. The Esostar woofer was especially developed for the Special Forty and features Dynaudio's patented one-piece geometrically optimized Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) cone material. Because the center of the cone is directly connected to the voice coil, it can reproduce midrange frequencies up to 4kHz.

The Esostar tweeter uses a DSR precision coated soft dome, an ultra-powerful neodymium magnet, optimized AirFlow and Dynaudio's well-known ferro-fluid cooled aluminum voice coil. The frequency range of this tweeter starts at 1kHz and goes all the way up to 23kHz that is beyond the audible range. Dynaudio engineers have also ensured that the frequency transition takes place in the drivers themselves rather than in the crossover.

The crossover in this Special Forty is derived from Dynaudio's classic 'first order' filter. Over the years this design has been more and more refined and is built with specially selected high-grade components. This all contributes to the exceptional sound quality you will experience with these Dynaudio Special Forty loudspeakers.