Dynaudio Special Forty

Price per piece.

Dynaudio launched its brand-new 40th anniversary speaker – the Special Forty – at the 2017 High End Show in Munich.

The team in Dynaudio Labs used the project as an opportunity to study (and improve) some of Dynaudio’s most famous technologies – including making new steps in tweeter, woofer and crossover design.

The Special Forty features:

  • A brand-new tweeter: the 28mm Esotar Forty, exclusive to this model
  • A specially optimised, all-new 17cm woofer
  • Classic Dynaudio first-order crossover topology
  • Two unique high-gloss finishes: Grey Birch High Gloss and Red Birch High Gloss

The Special Forty’s new tweeter and woofer both have extended frequency ranges to improve integration between them. The Esotar Forty’s robust design means it can play down to the upper midrange – around 1000Hz – without adverse effects. It includes a precision-coated soft-dome diaphragm, ultra-powerful magnet, optimised airflow and Dynaudio’s signature ferrofluid-damped aluminium voice-coil.

The woofer – Dynaudio’s best 17cm model yet – can easily handle frequencies up to 4000Hz thanks to the company’s proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) material and geometrically optimised one-piece moulded cone design. This uses the centre of the cone to reproduce midrange frequencies by coupling it directly to the voice-coil.

Dynaudio’s engineers have taken great care to ensure this frequency overlap happens in the drivers themselves, rather than correcting or tweaking the signal in the crossover.

The crossover is derived from classic Dynaudio first-order topology – something the company has been continuously refining for decades. Select high-grade components and Dynaudio’s 40 years of design experience have made it incredibly refined.