A full-fledged soundbar, small in size and with a slightly different look, so it fits perfectly into any interior. Small but powerful and this without concessions and with 3.1.2 Dolby Atmos. With its compact shape, this soundbar can easily be placed in any interior and is also apartment-friendly. Due to the unique audio processing, this soundbar creates an audio field that is wider than that of a full-fledged soundbar.

Normally a small soundbar would also have a small subwoofer, which has the disadvantage of a weaker audio output. Instead of a small subwoofer, the choice has been made to reduce the vibrations and still retain a full audio experience. Normally a subwoofer has "front firing" and "rear firing" sub ports that generate a lot of vibration. The subwoofer of the LG Eclair has bi-directional sub ports, which causes the vibrations to neutralise each other. This creates a nice full bass with much less vibration, a realisation that ensures that you do not have to worry about disturbing the neighbours and/or your room mate.