DoorBird D1101V

The DoorBird is a smart and waterproof doorbell with a built-in HD camera that you can easily integrate into your existing bell system or smart home installation. Through the DoorBird smartphone app for iOS and Android you receive a push notification when someone is at the door and allows you, regardless your location, to communicate through the build-in intercom. The intercom is equipped with noise and echo reduction and allows a crystal-clear 2-way communication. Combined with an automatic door opener you can even grant access to visitors while at a distance. This makes this DoorBird both suitable for residential and business premises.

Ultimate surveillance camera

Besides use as a typical doorbell, this DoorBird is a perfect digital doorspy and security camera for 24/7 surveillance. Due to the application of an ultra-wide-angle lens, night vision and configurable motion detection, there is really nothing that goes unnoticed. Pictures of events are stored in the visitor history free of charge and video recordings can be stored in the cloud optionally. This DoorBird works perfectly with various network video recorders (NVR) and with surveillance software provided by Synology and QNAP. With these features this DoorBird easily integrates into most existing surveillance systems.

Smart functionality

This smart doorbell is equipped with Geofencing, which allows the system to automatically open an electric gate and shutters when you are within a certain distance of the premises. Finally, this DoorBird is equipped with Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth module* for access control. This allows you to grant certain people automatic access via his or her smartphone in a predetermined timeframe. The DoorBird emits an automatic ringing signal to notify the visitor’s arrival. This makes the DoorBird a perfect IP Video Door Station for doctors, dental practices and (medical) specialists. DoorBird will also introduce a Bluetooth remote control with which employees can enter without a key.

Easy installation

The DoorBird is easy to install by simply scanning the device’s QR code in the DoorBird app. With this app you can also configure and daily operate the DoorBird. Easily power the DoorBird through the old bell wiring or through Power over Ethernet (PoE). This DoorBird seamlessly integrates into most common smart home installations and works with Control4, Loxone, Crestron, AVM FRITZ! Fon, URC, RTI, ELAN, Fibaro, Bang & Olufsen and various other systems. In classic doorbell systems the DoorBird even works with the existing doorbell and offers additional smart home and smartphone functionality. Many similar smart doorbell solutions can only be applied in closed infrastructures or are limited to just a few alternatives. Because this DoorBird solution is not limited in its application, it is the perfect solution for custom installation purposes.


*) Bluetooth is not yet enabled and will be activated through a future firmware update.