digitalSTROM POF Gigabit Mediaconverter Kit

The digitalSTROM-Mediaconverter enables the simple integration of your network devices into the digitalSTROM-System. The data is transmitted via a light fiber optic system "POF“ (Polymer Optical Fiber). At a distance of 50 m a transmission rate of 1000 Mbps is possible. The bandwidth rate decreases steadily from 50 meters. This procedure is called ABR (Adaptive Bandwidth Rate). At a distance of 70 m approx. 700 Mbps are still possible.

Polymer Optical Fiber

The advantages of POF – similar to glass fibers – lie in its high degree of flexibility, light weight and resistance to electromagnetic interferences. Furthermore, these fibers can be deployed easily and universally and for this reason are used primarily in short transmission paths.

Easy Installation

The POF network fiber is only 2.2 mm thin. Thus, a small, inconspicuous hole is already sufficient to insert it through a wall. POF cables can also be laid very easily in existing pipes with other electrical, telephone or TV cables. The length of the POF cables can be adapted by a simple cut. After laying the POF cable, the two ends of the cable are cut off cleanly with the cutting tool and inserted into the dS media converter. After that, a Gigabit network connection is available to you, which you can very easily expand with your home network. The tedious laying of conventional RJ45 network cables with a large connector, which can only be cut off with difficulty, is now a thing of the past.


Unlike WLAN, you can transmit POF data over several floors without any loss even in densely populated areas.


  • 1x Ethernet port RJ45 standard
  • RJ-45 100/1000-Base-TX
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit-Ethernet
  • 2x LED indicators (RJ45)
  • 1x Gigabit POF port
  • LED indicator (POF)

Package content

  • 20m POF cable
  • 2x POF Mediaconverters
  • 2x power cables
  • 2x USB power supply
  • 2x USB power cables
  • 1x POF cutting tool
  • Installation instructions