Devolo Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+

Unsuitable for Belgian/France power outlets.

High-speed Wi-Fi. Throughout your home.

Is your WiFi signal getting weaker and weaker, the closer you get to the attic floor? Would you like to follow your new audio book or your favourite TV series before bedtime, but until now you can only dream of smooth streaming? What would you say if you could relocate your home office to the terrace, with a reliable Internet signal?

"Whole Home WiFi" is the correct buzzword if you are interested in uninterrupted Wi-Fi fun. It encompasses products for fast and stable Wi-Fi in any room of your home. Thanks to a combination of innovative technologies, devolo offers the best solution in the market for that very purpose. For you, this means uninterrupted streaming, gaming, browsing, more efficiency and fun. Put your trust in the long-time world market leader.

For equipping your home, devolo recommends two packages in particular. The basic package, the dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit, is small, compact and reliable. The premium package, the dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Starter Kit, offers even higher performance and an integrated electrical socket.

WiFi that makes a difference.

Without Whole Home WiFi

Thick walls, impenetrable materials, large distances—in many flats and homes, routers are pushed to their limits. The result is a weak WiFi signal, a poor connection and a bad mood.

With Whole Home WiFi

devolo brings "Whole Home WiFi" to your home. With devolo, there are no more obstacles—and no more annoyances, at least not with your home network. Enjoy high-performance WiFi at maximum speed and connections with ultimate stability throughout your home.

Wi-Fi that receives nothing but praise.

Bring the world market leader into your home. Products from devolo are popular everywhere because they allow your Internet signal and network available throughout the house quickly and securely. What speaks in favour of devolo? Innovative technology, more than 300 awards and certificates, over 33 million sold products globally—and, above all, countless satisfied customers.

Mesh Wi-Fi based on innovative technology.

The secret behind the stable Internet connection is the combination of innovative Wi-Fi technology and Powerline technology. No wall is too thick, no material too impenetrable — simply because the power line is used as a data cable! Using the power circuit ensures that no signal gets lost; Powerline adapters can turn any electrical socket into a potential Wi-Fi and Internet hotspot. Furthermore, data can reach any room not only fast but also securely encrypted.

Integrated Wi-Fi Move Technology establishes a single, cohesive home network which allows you to incorporate all of your terminal devices. The technology also ensures that your Smartphones and tablets automatically connect to the strongest, nearest Wi-Fi access point. This lets you move freely within your home, and you will always receive the strongest signal. A function that is often referred to as Mesh Wi-Fi.