Devolo dLAN 1200+

The Devolo dLAN 1200+ won a Gold Award!
"The Devolo dLAN 1200 + adapters are the fastest we've ever tested."
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Not suitable for the Belgian electricity.

  • Lightning fast connection to 1200 Mbit / s.
  • With range + technology even more powerful.
  • Integrated Gigabit LAN connection.
  • The integrated electrical socket no power supply is lost.

The new powerline generation - devolo dLAN 1200+. That you simply build the currently most powerful home network via the power line: Connect your network devices up to 1200 Mbit / s for demanding data transfer and lightning fast Internet access. Via an adapter with Gigabit-LAN ​​connector plug eg. PVC TV or game console piece of cake. The integrated range + technology thus ensures stable connections with a clear higher range than before. Now choose the new generation of devolo dLAN - worldwide Powerline market leader.

Home networking easy

With dLAN® to computers, TVs or game consoles simply and quickly connect to Internet throughout the house from any power socket.

Connect multimedia devices via LAN

Equipped with a Gigabit LAN port, you have the option of a device (eg. TV set-top box game console PC laptop printer NAS) to connect to the Internet.

Benefits at a glance

  • Your home network from the mains. Unpacking. Inserting. To work. Simple connection via the power cable. So any outlet is direct Internet access.
  • Optimal Internet for PCs, TVs and game consoles. Without signal loss - stable and constant.
  • With lightning-fast 1200 Mbit / s for demanding data transfer.
  • With the range + technology more powerful and longer range.
  • Super Easy Installation. Just unpack and plug in to get started.
  • With the Gigabit LAN port allows you to connect becoming an internet device via a network to the Internet (eg. Smart game console or TV).
  • With the built-in socket is no power supply is lost.
  • Go for the No. 1: more than 10 million satisfied customers worldwide dLAN®.
  • Full 3-year warranty.