Devolo dLAN 1000 duo+

Simultaneous surfing, streaming and gaming with super-fast data transfer speeds.

Convincing: The dLAN® 1000 duo+ connects you to the Internet with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, for uninterrupted streaming, surfing and gaming – all simultaneously! By simply making use of your mains electricity circuit, it provides you with Internet access in any room. The incorporated range+ technology paves the way for optimal range and connection stability. Networkable devices such as smart TVs and games consoles can be connected via the two LAN ports. The fun starts as soon as it‘s plugged in. And you don‘t lose your power socket either because the dLAN® 1000 duo+ has an integrated power socket. Start looking forward to uninterrupted online enjoyment!


  • Lightning-fast Internet connection: The dLAN® 1000 duo+ sends the Internet to any room through the power socket.
  • Fun for all: The two LAN ports can be used for devices such as smart TVs and games consoles.
  • High performance: 1000 Mbps for lightning fast data transfer rates.
  • The optimal Internet connection for computers, televisions and game consoles. No signal loss – stable and continuous.
  • More power: devolo range+ Technology also provides strong connections over long distances.
  • Plus one more: The integrated front power socket ensures no power outlet goes to waste.
  • Safe and secure: devolo generates a unique password for each adapter to protect your network.
  • Minimal energy consumption: Innovative devolo PowerSave technology saves energy through continuous, intelligent management with complete automation.
  • Connecting everywhere: The dLAN® 1000 duo+ is compatible with all conventional routers and all devolo adapters.
  • Ready to use: Simply unpack it, plug it in and you‘re done.
  • Outstanding performance: devolo is the world market leader in the Powerline area and has already sold over 33 million dLAN® adapters.
  • Complete 3-year warranty.