Denon DCD-800NE

Denon builds on a long tradition in developing premium quality CD players and, as one of the founding members of digital audio, is one of the most influential Hi-Fi brands in the industry today. This Denon DCD-800NE CD player answers to the high build and sound quality for which Denon has been known for many years.

More than just playing CDs

With this Denon DCD-800NE CD player you can playback your regular CD collection, but also CDs that contain WMA or MP3 files. Connect the DCD-800NE either through the analogue line output, or through the coaxial digital output to a DAC or amplifier with a built-in DAC chip. In addition, this player also supports FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC and DSD audio streams through the easy access front faced USB audio port.

Tried and tested developments

The DCD-800NE is fitted with a rigid resonance dampening chassis and is built with separate boards for power supply, control and signal processing. This player also features Denon's DAC Master Clock Design. This highly accurate clock circuit ensures a jitter-free conversion of digital data streams. Converting the normal 16-bit CD format is done using Denon's Advanced AL32 Processing Plus technology. This is directly derived from Denon's legendary 20-bit Alpha processing from the heyday of the medium and has been significantly refined over the past decades.

Analog performance

The Advanced AL32 Processing Plus widens the original 16 bit width to 32 bits by interpolation and provides a significantly lower quantification noise. The digital to analog conversion itself is done by a 32-bit PCM1795 DAC chip at a high-res sampling frequency of 384kHz. These Burr Brown DA converters may share itself amongst one of the most sophisticated DA converters in the Hi-Fi industry. These converters offer a high dynamic range, a neutral frequency response and allow a most detailed and undistorted music playback.