Denon DCD-50

The Denon DCD-50 CD player, as a member of the distinctive styled Design Series has been specially developed for use with the Denon PMA-30 and PMA-60 integrated amplifiers. This most compact designed CD player has a slot-in drive to, like the Design Series amplifiers, be placed both horizontally and vertically. The display automatically senses how the player is positioned and always shows the information in a horizontal orientation.

With this Denon DCD-50 CD player you can playback your regular 'Redbook' CD collection, WMA and MP3 CDs. Connect the DCD-50 either through the analogue line outputs or connect it though the coaxial digital output to a DAC or amplifier with a built-in DAC chip. The DAC Master Clock Design and the Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC allow this player to deliver excellent sound quality no matter how it is connected. The CD player is shipped with a most convenient remote control.