Definitive Technology DN12

Tremendous Reference-Level Performance

  • 3XR™ Architecture
  • Intelligent Phase Control™
  • 1500W Peak Class H Digital Amplifier
  • Plays as Low as 25Hz
  • Advanced 56-Bit DSP
  • 12" Driver and Dual 12" Bass Radiators

Definitive Technology Descend DN12 Subwoofer

Loaded with custom technologies such as 3XR™ Architecture and Intelligent Phase Control™, the DN12 delivers extraordinary bass into any listening environment.

3XR Architecture

Three times the bass-radiating surface area to peform like a 15" ported sub in a 12" driver cabinet.

Reference-Level Bass for Any System

Powered by Class H digital amplification and featuring an advanced 56-bit DSP, DN12 plays exceptionally impactful bass down to 25Hz.

Loud & Clear

DN12’s unique 3XR™ Architecture ensures that it plays louder and lower than ported subs without unwanted port noise distortion.

Blends Beautifully

Intelligent Phase Control™ provides 360 degrees of tuning, ensuring your bass blends perfectly with the rest of your system.

Custom Class H Digital Amplification

The advanced, ultra-efficient 1500W peak Class H digital amplifier delivers continuous power to cleanly reproduce sustained bass down to 25Hz. With real-time monitoring and adjustments to the sliding rail voltage, the DN12 delivers considerably higher power during short, transient peaks such as bass drum kicks and on-screen artillery blasts.

Built-In EQ Modes

With three built-in performance EQ modes (Flat, Deep, and Loud), the Descend DN12 can be optimized to your room and listening preferences, and adjusted to match whatever you’re listening to.

Customizable Performance

With its groundbreaking phase, volume, frequency, EQ and control, make the DN12 sound precisely how you like it.