Davone Twist DSP (per pair)

Davone Twist DSP is an elegantly styled floor standing Hi-Fi speaker designed specifically for audiophile music enthusiasts. The carefully considered curves are at the heart of every Davone design and make this loudspeaker brand unique. It’s timeless design, with beautifully twisted wooden panels and the use of Kvadrat fabric allows the speaker to integrate seamlessly into virtually any interior. Thanks to Davone developed technology, these active 2-way loudspeakers can easily be placed in any room and deliver superior sound quality regardless of placement.

The Twist DSP bass reflex speakers feature Danish-developed drivers and are equipped with a built-in WiSA receiver. This means that you can drive these speakers directly with a WiSA source such as a Premium LG OLED tv, a Primare PRE35 Prism preamplifier with WiSA or with an optional WiSA HUB that is also supplied by Davone. Thanks to the use of low latency WiSA technology, these speakers deliver a brilliant sound quality and surpass the sound quality of any Bluetooth connection.

Minimalist high-end sound system

Thanks to these WiSA modules, passive crossovers could be avoided. The modules are equipped with an electronic crossover and two powerful amplifiers with DSP for both bass and trebble. Due to the unique design, the Twist DSP provides an open and spacious sound that exceeds the sound quality of many conventional high-end loudspeakers. Applying a WiSA HUB, you can connect both analogue and digital sources and also stream music wirelessly from your smartphone using Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast. This transforms the Davone Twist DSP into a powerful and minimalist high-end sound system.

Build to order

Twist is available with a fixed grille or without a grille. Without the grille the front can be covered with almost any kind of upholstery fabric. Unlike acoustic fabric, upholstery fabric offers a richer choice in colours and texture because this fabric does not have to be sound transparent. To limit choices, Davone supplies a small selection from the Danish Kvadrat Metric series which they know will go very well with the Twist design. Do you prefer a different colour? No problem at all.

Davone loudspeakers are completely build by hand and can be delivered 100% to customer specification. For this reason we do not supply Davone loudspeakers online. Do you have specific wishes and the need for a specific grain or wood finish? Then visit the factory during construction to choose the finish and veneer yourself. Yes, a Davone loudspeaker is unique in every way.